Tuesday, 24 August 2010

My New Project

Project Ironhead (also know as Project Dickhead by my wife)
Looks okay from a distance, however a bit of a basket case up close. 62XLH engine in a 73+ Sportster frame which runs but is in need of an overhaul and re-styling.
Minimum work needed:
- new top triple tree (cracked)
- speedo (not fitted)
- engine rebuild (pretty smokey and front cylinder leaks oil through barrell)
- new tank (dented and cracked)
- new wiring (nothing works electrically)
- new magneto mounting base plate and drive gear pinion (cracked)
- new exhaust (dented and leaking)
- oil tank needs repairs (cracked and leaking)
- needs to be licensed
- rims need re-lacing (missing spokes)

Bound to find more things that need to be fixed as I get into it!