Saturday, 24 September 2011

Hammer In Hand Straight Back Bolt On Hardtail

Just ordered a Hammer In Hand Straight Back Bolt On Hardtail for my build today.  I have read a lot of comments on these bolt on hardtails which are all good, however main item that was raised by a few people was the size of axle plates and how big they are.

I have a bit of plan on how I am going to hide these with 1 3/4" Fishtail Upsweep Drag Pipes on one side and a Nash Leather Bag on the other.

The picture above is the bobber build that Ivan Iler from Hammer In Hand Cycles did with his Straight Back Bolt On Hardtail which was in the March/April issue of The Horse.

Check out his website for more details 

Go to the Info page of my blog for a copy of the instructions for installing one of these bolt on hardtails as it also has some good history on the development of the frame for the early Sportsters.