Sunday, 13 November 2011

What spokes will look the best?

Needed to respoke my wheels and just not sure what look I should go for so put together a few examples.  

From top to bottom:
1. Polished Brass Bullet Nipples and Polished Stainless Steel Diamond Back Spokes
2. Same as 1, except dulled down with an abrasive pad
3. Same as 2, except spoke painted black
4 & 5. Same as 2, except painted the nipple and spoke black and then scratched off some of the paint to try and give them a dirty look.

Intend making the rims and hubs black as I am trying to go for a dirty bobber look so I am kinda thinking that 4 & 5 would look okay, however kinda like 3 as well. 

Appreciate any comments on which would look the best.


  1. IMHO With the Black Rims, I think #2 is the nicest, but they are all cool ;)

  2. Yeah, the brushed satin finish is killer, will look sick against the black hoop/hub combo. I sent you an email, dude. I need to find a couple sets of those nips.