Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bobber Trick Seat

Whilst I love the brass luggage rack I made up for my build, it is not really suited to be used as a seat so I decided to make up a quick install passenger seat.

Ist Step was to find some black rubber hose that I could fit over the brass rods on my luggage rack to prevent them from getting scratched.  Used some black fuel line hose and cut it down the middle so it would fit over the brass rods.

Next I fitted up some spring type tool clips to the wooden base I made for my seat.  The clips were sized to be a tight push fit over the rubber hose on the brass rods.

Seat simply just pushes on over the bars in a few seconds.  Not designed for the long haul, perhaps just taking a few friends for a spin around the block.


  1. That thing is just crazy - details !

  2. Wow! Wordless! We are mad about custom bikes and maybe you would like to visit us and see some of our creations.